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Hall’s Hardy Almond Tree


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Grow your own almonds! Hall’s Hardy makes that possible, and will grow anywhere peaches will grow. Almonds are closely related to peaches and the trees look very similar, almost indistinguishable. However, almonds produce a hard, green, inedible fruit that splits open come late summer/fall and the pit (similar to a peach pit) falls out, and is ready to gather and harvest. Hall’s Hardy trees can quickly grow to 18-20′ tall and wide, so give them room or prune smaller. The almonds are considered bittersweet, and while many eat them raw, some suggest soaking the nuts overnight or giving a light boiling. Most almonds will not produce nuts in the eastern USA, but Hall’s Hardy will. It requires a bit of processing but for those eager to grow almonds, give Hall’s Hardy a try. The abundant pink spring blooms are prolific and extremely pretty and ornamental.  CANNOT SHIP TO CA, WA, OR.


USES: Fresh eating (after processing), and any uses almonds are called for.

Resistant to: Spring frosts and winter damage. Very cold hardy.

Pollination: Self pollinating, may produce more if other cultivars of almond are around.

Rootstock: Grafted onto Halford Rootstock.

Plant Size: 4-5′ tall Bare-Root Tree

USDA zones 5-8




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