Northern HIghbush and Rabbiteye Blueberry Plants For Sale

All of our blueberry plants are healthy, branched, young 2-year old shrubs with very good deep root systems and will generally be 16-24″ tall.

All our blueberries are grown in special “Advance TM” Root trainer pots which makes a full and very deep root system for superior establishment and performance. You will know our blueberries are superior when you see the thousands of tiny roots.

Choosing your blueberry plants is easy. First, choose either Northern Highbush, (cold-hardy type adapted to Kentucky and Northward) or Rabbiteye (Tennessee To Texas, Florida, Louisiana). If you live in the upper south (KY, northern TN) or Mid-Atlantic area (N. Carolina, Virginias), or Indiana, southern Illinois and southern Ohio, or most of the Mid-West, then you will want our Northern Highbush blueberries. Then, make sure you have two different varieties for cross-pollination. Any two of our varieties will cross-pollinate. Cross-pollination will increase fruit set and help ensure good harvests. Then decide how long you want to be harvesting fruit. An early-season type such as Duke will produce in early-mid June in zone 6, and produce for about 3 weeks. Bluecrop and Bluejay are mid-season varieties and will crop around late June-mid July in zone 6. Patriot blueberry will produce late-season around early-mid July in zone 6. So, if you planted early-mid and late season varieties together, you could have homegrown fresh blueberries for 8-12 weeks! Make sure to give your blueberries at least 4-6 feet between plants, because these non-lowbush forms get big and get huge yields!

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